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The Bonfils Girl

Cast & Crew

Cathy Washburn - Helen Bonfils

Cathy Washburn is an award-winning stage and film actor. She is the lead in The Bonfils Girl, an award-winning play that chronicles the life story of Helen Bonfils. Bonfils was the first woman producer on Broadway and the first female publisher of a major daily newspaper. 

The Bonfils Girl by Mike Broemmel and Seth Holley is a drama in three acts that tells the incomparable life story of Helen Bonfils. 

A full length, one actor play, The Bonfils Girl is in its third year of production, starring award-winning actor Cathy Washburn.

The Bonfils Girl is part of the Iconic Women Theatre Series from Theatrix USA. Sybll Romley, Executive Producer and Ali Romley, Creative Director.