Cast and Crew

Bob Pearlman - Eldon Blaine Brandt

Danielle Rankin - May Proctor

Tamara Borisova - Faye Lane

Jack Lindstrom - Dillon Harper

The Baptism

Linda Swanson Brown - Della Proctor

Mike Holzer - Henry Harper

Darcy Orrok - Myra Place

Theatrix USA

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Tara Kelso - Miss Lady Symmington

The Baptism, written by Mike Broemmel and directed by Evgueni Mlodik, tells the tale of the residents of Worthington, seemingly typical small town folks -- the farming family, the widow and her circle of friends, a young woman with a new baby. Despite the seeming normality, something sinister brews beneath the surface of daily life in the tiny village. The play has something of a Twilight Zone feel. 

Marissa Sisneros - Midge Harper

Ben Feldman - Zachariah Lane

Evgueni Mlodik - Director

Ana de Lorme - Dorothy Harper