Support the Theatrix USA Iconic Women Theatre Series: Bringing the Arts, Theatre, and History to Schools

Students in the 21st century continue to face fewer opportunities to experience the arts in schools. Budget cuts have all but eliminated arts programming, including theatre, in many middle and high schools. Theatrix USA, through the Iconic Women Theatre Series, is working to fight that trend.

Theatrix USA brings six important plays about historical figures and events to elementary, middle, and high schools. Our productions have already received critical acclaim and tremendously positive reception from audiences in their professional productions. Five of these plays tell the life stories of women that historically has marginalized or not correctly chronicled. We cannot provide this program to students without your support.

These plays tell the life stories of Anne Boleyn (second wife of Henry VIII and the first to be beheaded), Helen Bonfils (first woman to publish a major daily newspaper and first woman Broadway producer), Myrlie Evers (civil rights leader and first woman chair of the NAACP), Eva Peron (better known as "Evita" in the iconic musical), and Hedy Lamarr (legendary actor and incomparable inventor, including being christened the "mother of WiFi). A sixth play recounts the story of the infamous Ludlow Massacre (through the eyes of the wife of the man who ordered the attack on coal miners). 

Theatrix USA arts in education programming is a not-for-profit endeavor to expose young people to live theatre. In order to cover the expenses associated with staging these productions at schools, we need to reach out and seek the support of businesses and individuals who support arts in education.

If you are interested bringing one of our productions to a school, or if you are interested in supporting the program, please contact Theatrix USA at or 720-216-3042.

Please consider making a donation of $100, $50, $25, $10 or any amount to this important arts in education project today. 

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