Powerful Media Relations and the Community Theatre

Powerful Media Relations and the Community Theatre is a must-have handbook for community theaters of all types, large and small. In this day and age, community theatres need cutting-edge marketing, advertising, and media relations strategies to keep their klieg lights lit and doors open.

With this handbook, a community theatre can develop effective new and traditional media relations strategies to consistently garner coverage of its plays and programming. Through the use of “free media” opportunities, a community theatre can gain a larger following without the necessity of expending limited funds unnecessarily on advertising and marketing. 

Pre-order a copy of this vital handbook by writing us at info@theatrixusa.org.

The Bonfils Girl
Next Show




Starring Cathy Washburn

Directed by Rich Beall

Written by Mike Broemmel & Seth Holley

The next performance of The Bonfils Girl is part of the Play in a Pub™ series. The show will be staged at the popular Irish Rover Pub in the SoBo Entertainment District in Denver. Special discounts are available through GroupOn for this performance. 

April 3 in Denver, Colorado

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